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"We commissioned Frances to paint our Welsh Cob, the result was a wonderful true-to-life reminder of our much missed pony, whose sparkling character shines out from the portrait."

Your bespoke portrait is a great way to capture and preserve precious memories of your special friend or can make a thoughtful gift. It is a one-off, personal piece which will take pride of place in your home to be admired for years to come.

"Whether static horses or working horses, Frances has that enviable ability to not only portray the subject, but get the stance of the horses, their muscle tone and the light on their coats, so delightfully right."

A selection of my commissions

As I aim to paint your special friend and their essence within, from I know this may sound strange, but the vibes that I feel emanating from them. So that I can best capture this aspect, I need good photographs.  My portraits take many hours, sometimes weeks, of concentrated work together with much love, knowledge and skill to complete. With over thirty years experience, I use my unique insight, empathy and exceptional care to achieve a life-like and sensitive result. 

Your portrait may be completed in a selection of sizes using professional quality acrylic paint, coloured pencil or pastel on quality grounds such as cotton or linen canvas, or watercolour or Pastelmat paper for long-lasting images. 

Framing can be arranged, but is not included as this allows for you to choose the finish that is right for you and allows for easier shipping of your portrait, if this is required.


I only undertake a limited number commissions per year so please book early for a special occasion or Christmas.

how to commission your animal portrait

  1. Contact me to discuss your requirements, such as size, number of animals and whether it is for a certain occasion.  You may like to include a photo.

  2. Send your favourite clear, high resolution, copyright free images to me.  Choose your design composition from sketches. When all requirements are agreed a 25% non refundable deposit will be required to confirm booking.

  3. I will work carefully on your portrait and email you updates to allow you to watch progress. Please allow approximately two months for your commission, though this may be longer at busy times.

  4. When you are happy with your portrait, pay the remaining balance. When this has cleared, collection of your portrait, especially for pastels, will be arranged or it will be carefully packed and shipped to you.

price guide

 a head portrait 

On 10" x 14" canvas                    £175

      12" x 16" canvas                    £220

      20" x 16" canvas                    £350

A head portrait

On paper or coloured board in a

presentation mount

A4ish image in a 12" x 16" mount         £175

A3ish image to fit a 20" x 16" mount    £275

full body or two heads




full body or two heads

On paper or coloured board



full body with handler




full body with handler

On paper or coloured board




reference photos

Good, high resolution, copyright free reference photos are essential for me to create a wonderful, realistic portrait: the more detail that I can see, the more I can put in. I am afraid that phone photos are not ideal for this as they tend to be of low resolution which can pixelate when enlarged.  If you can provide a mix of photos that would be lovely, including one of the pose that you would like - some taken with a phone (to capture character) and some with a camera for the all important details, especially in shadow areas.

Here are some hopefully helpful tips:

  • Please try to use a camera rather than a phone, as phones have very small lenses which can distort an image - perhaps giving a horse a large nose and small ears.

  • phones also tend to give low resolution images which can lack colour depth (from light to dark) and spectrum.  The low resolution images also tend to pixelate when enlarged, producing just patches of colour which is very difficult to work from. If using a phone please adjust your settings to a higher resolution to enable me to see the detail and colour nuances,

  • outdoors is best on a sunny day, without flash to give better definition and truer colours,

  • stand back from your subject, using a telephoto lens if possible, to give a close-up with less distortion

  • small animals may need to be raised, up on perhaps a chair, so that they can be photographed at their eye level,

  • try to capture a characteristic pose that you would like in your portrait.  Perhaps a friend could try to get your animal's attention so that they look alert, unless a more laid back portrait is preferred.

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