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Framing Prints  

From experience picked up over many years.

1  Clean the front of the glass before you remove the back and the reverse of the glass after.

CAUTION: Bendy clips and mount card bevel are sharp. Glass present: treat with extreme care.

2  Insert print, with or with out back,  remove bits from under glass, remove labels. Trim top and sides with scissors if needed.

CAUTION: Take care using scissors and of upright bendy clips.

3  Insert backboard, carefully push down bendy clips. Tape around edges to reduce number of Thrips.

CAUTION: Bendy clips are sharp.

4  Measure one third down from top on each side, mark with pencil. Add "D" rings, then cord.

CAUTION; Take care when using screwdriver and scissors. 


5  Tie cord tightly with several knots. Neaten free ends with tape.

CAUTION: Take care when using scissors.

6 Finished print. Stick labels to reverse.  Hang. Enjoy.

CAUTION: With heavy frames make sure that your wall and fixings are strong enough. Beware of underlying pipes and cables.

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