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Suffolk Punches - Other Horse Prints

Beautiful prints from my paintings capturing the essence of the magnificent but critically endangered Suffolk Horse or Suffolk Punch as it is sometimes known due to its stocky build.  I have also included other breeds or types here, such as the Shire horse and a  highland pony, 

I love to try to capture the essence of the Suffolks, their bulk, power and distinctive glowing chesnut coats. Although I paint today's Suffolks they do evoke memories for those who remember them working on many East Anglian farms.  Unfortunately they are now Critically Endangered with numbers declining rapidly with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust predicting that they may even become extinct by 2027.  


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Working Friends Large Print
Two Lovely Suffolk Punches in Harness Taking a Break from Work
Working Friends Print
Two Lovely Suffolk Punches in Harness - Two Sizes
Spring Sowing Print
Two Suffolk Punches Harnessed to a Smythe Seed Drill
Taking a Breather Print
Pair of Suffolk Punches Taking a Break from Work
Full Speed Ahead Print
Suffolk Horse Enjoying a Canter
Sleepy Heads Print
Three Suffolk Horses in Harness Dozing in the Sun
Free Spirit Print
Young Horse Enjoying a Gallop
Autumn Suffolks Print
Two Suffolk Horses Ploughing on a Misty Autumn Day
Sleepy Heads Limited Edition Print Large
Three Head Studies of Suffolk Horses in Harness Dozing
Well Matched Shires Print
Two Shire Horses in Harness Trotting Well Together
Suffolk Youngsters Print
Two Young Suffolk Horse Friends Print
Handsome Suffolk Print
Glorious Suffolk Horse Head Study Print
Handsome Suffolk Large Print
Strikingly Handsome Suffolk Head Study Large Print
Three on the Harrow Print
Three Suffolk horses harnessed to the harrow
Ploughing a Straight Furrow Print
Beautifully turned out pair of Suffolk Horses ploughing
Ambling Print
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