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A Barn Owl at dusk perching on a post overlooking a typical Norfolk scene of a partially harvested sugar been crop and a small country church.  All bathed in the mellow light of dusk.


I created the original in pastel, which is great for capturing wonderful and changing light. Great for bird lovers and owl enthustiasts.

Barn Owl Dusk Print

  • Carefully printed using pigmented inks on archival paper for a longer lasting image.

    • Presented in an off-white, white-core mount
    • A standard mount size of 10 x 12 inches to make finding a frame easy
    • with backing board
    • self-adhesive information label on reverse for the back of your frame
    • removable business card

    ©All rights reserved. This image, or any part of it, may not be reproduced in any way without my prior written consent.