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Art Journey 10 - Last image an Unusual Animal

This is my last Art Journy blog post so I will leave you with an animal which will put a smile on your face as it looks to have been made from a box of parts! Apart from the stripey back end Okapi's have a lovely velvety coat which was a challenge to paint. They originate from the forests of central Africa and are close relatives of the Giraffe. Okapi's were a very different subject to submit to the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, but I still prefer Suffolks. (Requires a home)

I hope that you enjoyed this little trot through my artistic journey and it has brightened your days of box rest. If you would like to keep up to date with my new paintings/pastels - I can feel lots of new ideas bubbling up - please like my Frances Sullivan Animal Art facebook page where new work will be posted. If you would like some of my work to cheer you up and brighten your home, a portrait or just cards to send to friends you are in the right place to browse and choose something lovely.

To learn more about Suffolk Horses and perhaps help out with the upkeep of their horses at this time when they would have been expecting a busy time with visitors, please visit

Okapi original painting

Posted by Frances Sullivan on 16 October 2020 11:59

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