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Autumn Suffolks Print of the Week

Autumn Suffolks Print 

The lovely misty light inspired the original for this print.  It was painted in acrylic on off-white coloured board in a watercolour like style.  These Suffolk Punch horses work the land at a rural life museum near Dereham in Norfolk UK.  Suffolk horses may all look very similar in that they are all chesnut with as little white as possible, but these two are good examples of the variation within that colour.  The one on the left is a dark chesnut with a white mark on his face whilst the one on the left is much paler with a very light mane and tail.  With training one will walk along in the furrow whilst the other walks on the land.

 Although I sell prints mounted only, as it is safer for posting and it allows for you to select your own frame, this image shows how the print could look in an oak frame.                                                                                                                                           

Posted by Frances Sullivan on 02 August 2018 17:34

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