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Painting of the Week - Giraffe "Reaching Around"

For giraffes scratching an itch can be so tricky.  I was amazed at how they can bend their long necks almost round in a circle, this also requires careful re-balancing of the legs as their centre of gravity moves to one side.  Back-lighting us used to highlight and emphsize the strong curve of the neck, which has the usual number of vertebrae, each one is just much larger.  

Acrylic on a deep canvas (not canvas wrap) is used for me to tell a story from the front, which then continues around all the sides and when viewed from a certain position it can also most look three-dimensional. A most unusual and thought provoking giraffe painting.  View in Art Gallery.

Reaching Around Giraffe Painting  

Posted by Frances Sullivan on 05 December 2018 12:36

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