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privacy & cookies

1. The Information Collected and How this is Achieved

Personal information you provide, including name, address, email address, emails via the Order or Contact Form. Non-personally identifiable statistical data via cookies.

2. Why Data is Collected

The information that you provide is required to fulfil your orders from this website. The small and basic amount of statistical, non-personally identifiable collected is used to understand how the website is used and from there how to improve it.

3. Data Storage and Sharing

This website is hosted by Wix's highly secure platform, and a password and Norton protected pc.  Payment details pass securely through either PayPal or SquareUp with the website not storing or having access to any banking data, apart from which payment gateway was used. Please note that the payment gateways will each have their own privacy policies and that transmission of data on the internet can never be guaranteed as totally secure. 

Queries via the Contact Form: a copy of the email is kept for approximately one month on the website.  Neither this information or the information on the Order Form is circulated to third parties, unless legally required.

4. Communication

You may contacted by the Artist via the information you have provided on the Order or Contact Form if it is necessary to do so. Your information will be kept for no longer than two years.

5. Cookies

The website host, Wix, uses cookies, small pieces of temporary computer code put onto your computer, to improve the website usage for all, to monitor and analyse the performance of the Wix platform and to ensure that the platform is safe and secure to use. In addition analytics cookies collect non-personally identifiable information such as number of users, a vague location by town or city, and website usage.


6. Withdrawing Consent

If you no longer wish for your personal data to be held or you wish to view or amend it, please contact the Artist by way of the Contact Form.  The majority of non-essential cookies can be blocked via the Cookie Banner.  Further action can be taken through options in your browser "settings".

7. Policy Changes

Any changes to the above Policy will be notified on this website.

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