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Animals fascinate me; their appearance, their anatomy, their behaviour and also the way they fit their environmental niche.  I love to watch, feel their vibes and learn.  The uniqueness of my work comes from this more biological slant. I aim with clarity and insight to allow the animal rather than art to be the undoubted star in my paintings.  The wild and domestic animals around me in East Anglia play a strong role, especially the Suffolk Horse. 


I love to paint animals, which I have done for over twenty five years.  I love to watch them, connect with them, closely studying their behaviour to get an insight into their characters: how they react with their environment and with each other and also with other animals, including ourselves.  This I try to encapsulate in my paintings.  For me it is the animal that is the most important element of my work.  They need to take pride of place and shine through.  I like to capture their inner being, to enable you to feel a connection, an emotional tug but in a positive way so that they can add cheer and brighten your home.



Horses have always been a keen interest of mine, and with much hands on experience from having my own and also through working with them, though some years ago now, this has left a deep understanding of their anatomy, behaviour and characters.  So it was natural, living in Norfolk, that I use this knowledge in my paintings to share and promote the lovely but Critically Endangered local breed of heavy horse, the Suffolk Horse (or Suffolk Punch as it is sometimes known). 


I have also discovered the joy of painting sheep, goats and cattle, again letting their individual characters shine through; I seem to have an affinity with herbivores.  The UK has a great diversity of native livestock, which have evolved to cope with the great variety of habitats up and down the Country, some of which are becoming quite rare.  For a change I also enjoy painting British wildlife especially the birds found around East Anglia.


It has given me great pleasure to support the Suffolk Punch Trust and the Suffolk Horse Society by providing designs for their Christmas cards and to promote the Societies and through them the Suffolk Horse, when I am out and about with my trade stand at Country Shows. My paintings give me the opportunity to raise awareness and to promote these rare breeds.  


For my original paintings I prefer to work in acrylic paint as it has the versatility that suits me, it can be used thicker on canvas or in a more fluid style on paper, but always with the option to add that bit of detail.  I also like to use block canvases to enable me to continue the design around the sides just for an extra challenge.  I am also exploring pastel on Pastelmat paper and am finding that it lends itself to the most wonderful effects of light, which just zing out.


You may see my work locally at exhibitions in East Anglia including those with the Natural World Art Society, and also in the Art Marquees of  the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk County Shows.  Further afield I sometimes exhibit at The Wildlife Art Society International Exhibition, near Gloucester. I have had work selected for the juried exhibitions of the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art and The Society of Equestrian Artists - where I have been promoted to ASEA: Associate Member.  Also I attend a variety of local country shows with a large selection of my work in my trade stand Gallery.


I produce cards and prints from my work in order to increase the awareness of the breeds that I promote. Wholesale ordering is now available. My prints are produced in-house on archival paper with pigmented inks for longer lasting images.  The smaller prints are presented in an off-white, white core textured or smooth mount, usually to standard frame sizes, giving the option of choosing a ready made or bespoke frame.



Do you have a cherished pet or farm animal that you would like to me to paint or are stuck for a Corporate Gift. If you would like a portrait, my Commissions pages have much helpful information.  Please contact me for a chat to discuss your requirements.


I hope that you enjoy my paintings as much as I have enjoyed painting them and feel that it would give you pleasure to have one share your home: no feeding, vets bills or mucking out required! Please browse these pages for my prints and a selection of original artwork  or view in person at my Stockists, an event or exhibition.


Thank you, 


Frances Sullivan

Associate Member of the Society of Equestrian Artists.

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