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Print Framing
Hints and Tips

1. Clean the glass

Clean the front of the glass. Lift bendy clips carefully to vertical, a slot-head screwdriver may help. Remove the back, then clean the reverse of the glass.

CAUTION: Bendy clips and the mount card bevel and edges are sharp. Glass present: treat with extreme care.

Frame tips - clean glass

3. Insert frame back

Insert frame backboard.  Carefully and firmly push down bendy clips, a slot-head screwdriver may help. Tape around edges to reduce the number of thrips/thunderflies getting under the glass.

CAUTION: Bendy clips are sharp and easily slide under your nails!

Framing tips - insert back

5. Tie off cord

Tie cord tightly with several knots and neaten the free ends with tape.

CAUTION: Take care when using scissors.

Framing tips - tie off cord

2. Insert print

Insert the print, with or without back depending on rebate depth. Trim sides with scissors if necessary. Remove small bits from under glass. Remove labels.

CAUTION: Take care when using scissors and of upright bendy clips.

Frame tips - insert print

4. Add hanging fixtures

Measure one third down from the top on each side and mark with pencil. Add "D" rings, then cord.

CAUTION: Take care when using screwdriver and scissors.

Framing tips - tie cord

6. Finished print

Finished print.  Stick labels to reverse. Hang and enjoy.

CAUTION: Especially with heavy frames make sure that your wall and fixings are strong enough for the weight. Also beware of any underlying pipes and cables.

Framing tips - finished print of a brown hen.jpg
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