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Swallows are such agile fliers.  The parent deftly hovers whilst delivering food to one of its brood of fleglings perched on guttering with a slate roof behind. The chick on the right looks decidedly unhappy that it is not his turn to be fed.


I enjoy painting on block canvases as I start with the story on the front and continue it as I paint around the sides.  I have tried to capture the effect of the hover by blurring the wing tips and the very individual expressions on the faces of the youngsters.


Also get "Watching for Mum" and save £35.

Lunch Line - Swallows Original Painting

SKU: 6OP60
PriceFrom £220.00
  • Original acrylic painting on cotton block canvas.

    • size approximately 8" wide x 20" long x 1.5" deep
    • protected by matt acryic varnish, may be gently wiped clean
    • strung ready to hang with "D" rings and cord
    • unframed

    ©All rights reserved

  • Get double the cuteness by pairing with "Watching for Mum"