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What a set of truely impressive horns this tup has!  Portlands, native to Dorset, once nearly became extinct but now thankfully though still rare are classed by the RBST as Amber - At Risk.


I did so enjoy painting those horns, it was such a challenge to get them to appear to curve out and forwards.


Create your own flock by including the North Ronaldsay and Jacob's Rams too.


Something to marvel at every day.

Portland Ram Original Sheep Painting

SKU: 6OP400
PriceFrom £225.00
  • An acrylic painting on a deep linen canvas and protected by matte acrylic varnish.

    • Size 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches
    • Unframed
    • Strung with "D" rings and cord ready to hang
    • free shipping.

    ©All rights reserved after purchase.

  • Single Ram painting        =  £225

    Two Ram paintings          =  £200 each

    Trio of Ram paintings      =  £175 each